5 Things You Should Know About Lima – Oops Edition

In the last three weeks, I’ve had some interesting experiences here in Lima. Some of them have been downright laughable. Here is a top 5 list, and don’t make the same mistakes I made!

–> Don’t leave your electronics on the table in full sunlight. I’ve never had my devices pre-emptively shut themselves down due to overheating before… the iPhone has a rather alarming warning message when this happens.

–> Crossing a road is not a matter of “looking both ways”. It’s a matter of “look in every possible direction a vehicle can suddenly appear from, twice, and keep looking as you cross at a run”.

–> There are two types of bottled water – “con gas” and “sin gas”. The former is carbonated, the latter isn’t. Read the labels before you purchase, be prepared when the server asks you, and don’t put “con gas” in your water bottle unless you want it to explode like champagne.

–> The sidewalks are made of a slippery kind of tile or concrete (or maybe a concrete tile?), so wear shoes with good grips or avoid water puddles. I’ve unintentionally gone skating down the sidewalk because my TOMS (which have previously been great for traveling) have no grips.

–> The 5 Soles and 2 Soles coins look alike – check their numerals before handing them to someone! (The lowest bill denomination is 10). There are also 50 centimos and 20 centimos coins which look alike too, but that’s less of a mishap if you get the wrong one…

I’m heading off to the Amazon jungle this weekend to get in some nature-experiencing, bird-watching, and… piranha-fishing?! More on that next week!

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