Nelson in Hindsight

So I’m finally going to write about Nelson, nearly two weeks after I left (whoops). The post is late because the internet’s been a little flaky at this hostel lately, but I really did have this draft completed on Wednesday!

I arrived in Nelson on July 6th, fresh off the bus from Picton, where I’d been left by the ferry. A note about the ferry trip between the north and south islands–
appearances are deceiving! Even though the water looks calm in Wellington harbour, it’s not necessarily calm once you leave the harbour. I’ve never been so close to losing
my breakfast on a boat. Luckily the turbulent parts only lasted about 30 minutes, and it was relatively smooth sailing after that.

I was staying at the Tasman Bay Backpackers, and I was booked in there for 3 weeks. They had a pretty big rate reduction going on, because it was the winter, so I actually
got a private room to myself for a really good price. Very cool, especially since my trip from now on is hostels-only. I had a day off to go exploring when I first got in,
so I took advantage of it and wandered around the CBD. It was during this wander that I discovered the location of the Bridge Street Collective, which was a coworking
space and coffeeshop which had been highly recommended to me. I also discovered that Nelson was almost perfectly flat. Picture a bowl, with a flat bottom– the bottom is
Nelson, and the sides are hills. It made for some really picturesque walks which didn’t involve long walks uphill ;).

So during the week I coworked from the Collective, and wandered around the city in the evenings and weekends. The first weekend I spent in Nelson, exploring. I also hiked
up to the top of an unexpectedly steep hill, where I saw the “Centre of New Zealand”. It’s actually not the geographical centre, but since Nelson is considered the centre
city of New Zealand, and that point was the centre of Nelson, it was named that way.

The following weekend I spent the entirety of in the Abel Tasman national park, which you know about (see previous posts). By this point, I’d become well-acquainted with
Nelson’s CBD and honestly, I really liked it. It had everything one could need, in about a 6-block radius, including a brewery (of course). Nelson is known as beer
central, because it and the surrounding region are the only places in New Zealand which grow hops. New Zealand hops are actually quite well-known internationally. I should
also mention that the climate in Nelson is amazing. It’s one of the sunniest places in the country. Although the nights and mornings were quite chilly (it’s the middle of
winter, after all), the days were beautiful and usually sunny. It was a pretty big change from Wellington!

The next weekend, I had Saturday free to relax and explore some more, and then moved again on that Sunday to Christchurch, which is where I’m writing from at the moment!

So what’s going on with me, plans-wise, at the moment? Good question… you’ll have to wait and see :).


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