To July and Beyond

Hey everyone,

I nearly procrastinated on this post another day, because I drew a blank on what to write about. Things are going smoothly here, nothing much out of the ordinary has occurred since my return from the Wairarapa. But now that the end of June is approaching fast (where did this month go??), I figured I should explain what my upcoming plans are roughly looking like at the moment.

So Wellington actually marks the end of my “stay-two-months-plus-in-a-single-city” plans. From now on, I’m not going to be staying more than a month in any given city– probably not even a month. Although things worked out really well in Auckland and Wellington, the fact that I will have stayed 5 months out of  a potential 8 in only two cities has reduced the remaining time I have to tour New Zealand, so the rest of my trip is going to be a bit condensed.

Where am I going next? *drum roll*


It’s pretty much just across the water on the South Island (well, sort of), and has good recommendations from everyone I’ve talked to. I’ll probably be there for 3 weeks. The other change that’s going to occur as I keep moving is that I’m unlikely to have an apartment now– three weeks in a place is not long enough to stay in a flat. It’s worth it to do so– but there are few flatmates who will want that! So my choices are either hostels or AirBnBs. The important thing here is that wherever I stay has reliable Wi-Fi, since I may or may not be able to hotdesk in a shared office space in any given city. Heating would be nice, too.

When am I leaving Wellington?

It’s currently a bit up in the air, unfortunately. I’m still waiting to hear back from my current coworking space on how much notice they need, but ideally I’d be able to leave in the first week of July. Hopefully I hear back from them soon, because I need to give notice to my flatmate as well…

The other thing that’s going to be happening before I leave the North Island is that I’ll be making a trip up to Rotorua. I’ve been wanting to go for a while now, but it’s pretty far and I didn’t plan well in advance to make that trip earlier this month. So that will probably happen in two weeks.

Which means, if all goes according to plan, this weekend is the last unplanned weekend I have in Wellington! Time flies. (I suspect, like Auckland, it will be spent visiting museums which I kept putting off.)

More details to follow as I have them!


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