Wellington vs. Auckland

Beeminder has been reminding me that I have to blog today, and I was nearly just going to suck it up and pay money (that’s what happens when you miss a goal), but who wants to pay money? šŸ˜›

Some quick updates:

– I have moved out of the Dwellington almost (but not quite) right on schedule– only had to extend by one night.

– I moved into my new room in a two-bedroom flat (yes, I have a whole room to myself this time!) in Thorndon, right on the edge of the greenbelt.

–Ā I spent some time in the Wellington startup scene at the end of April, which was interesting– met quite a few cool people, and nearly found a flat right off the bat, but it didn’t quite work out.

So the burning question that everyone seems to be asking me, is “which do you like better, Wellington or Auckland?” It’s not as innocuous as it sounds; the two cities have the same kind of friendly-but-not-really-friendly rivalry that Toronto and Ottawa (or Edmonton and Calgary, for the Albertans) have. Wellington is the capital of the country, and much like Ottawa, the most stable jobs are in the government. Also much like Ottawa, not many people who don’t live in the country realize that it’s the capital. As cities go, Wellington is actually a really nice one. Here is a quick rundown of some reasons why:

  • Buses run on time! Like to the minute. If the board says that a bus is due, it’s due. If it says you missed it by 2 minutes, you probably did.
  • Rent is the same price, but you get more square feet of space for what you pay.
  • A LesMills (gym) membership is cheaper
  • With one or two exceptions, coworking spaces are cheaper
  • A climbing gym with a bouldering area!
  • Pretty much every bus runs through downtown. No more having to connect at weird parts of downtown.
  • While we’re talking about buses, the bus fare is also cheaper. Travelling within Thorndon, Te Aro (CBD), Kilburn, and one or two other areas I’m forgetting (basically the suburbs which touch the CBD) are all in the same fare category, which means you pay $1.66 per trip on a preloaded card.
  • You’re pretty much guaranteed good food at any eating place in the CBD and surrounding areas– Welly’s inhabitants love their food, coffee, and beer!
  • The main thoroughfares are clean and safe
  • Half its buses are electric
  • Cabs take the reloadable bus card as payment
You can tell I’ve spent a lot of time in buses! (Also I may just be somewhat interested inĀ public transportation…). Ā Thorndon, where I’m living, is a 10-minute bus trip to Cuba St., where I cowork. It’s also possible to walk, although this is a 25 minute journey. Wellington also does have its downsides, mainly just that no one was exaggerating when they said it was windy. It’s windy! It’s also several degrees colder than Auckland. I’m not sure there’s been a day over 20 degrees since I’ve been here (or if there has, the wind probably negated like 10 degrees of it). I’ve been seeing people in hats and gloves already! I won’t be breaking mine out for a while yet, but I’ve definitely been wearing wristwarmers, and I invested in some good merino midlayers. I also realized that I have 3 pairs of sandals and one pair of actual lace-up shoes :/. Might need to get another pair… we’ll see.
Alright, that’s today’s post! I’ll finish up the birthday posts later this week.

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