The 60 Day Retrospective

It seems like yesterday that I was writing up the 30 day retrospective. Those 30 days went by pretty fast! So, what happened?

What happened in the last 30 days?

The Good:

– Went on a weekend trip to the Bay of Islands and saw the northernmost point of New Zealand, as well as Paihia. Went dolphin watching, sandboarding on massive sand dunes, walking, exploring, bussing (4 hours there, 4 hours back), souvenir-ing, and relaxing.

– Spent a fair amount of time at the gym. Les Mills’ classes are really good.

– Travelled down to Hobbiton, Waitomo, and Hamilton with Brittany and Emma for my birthday weekend (oh yeah, it was my birthday!) and had a blast.

– Along with 5 friends, did a 60-minute “locked room” puzzle at Escape Masters- super fun!

– Work went smoothly, nothing major happened

– Checked out many new restaurants, pubs, shops, and coffeeshops in Auckland

– Finished my Canadian taxes, got a nice refund 🙂

– Finished making Wellington arrangements until May 1st

– Read a lot of good books (see last post)

– Finished post-processing a huge load of photography

The Bad:

– Didn’t stick to my budget (I find it harder to budget with a monthly paycheque instead of bi-weekly).

– Due to sleeping in during the mornings and going to the gym right after work, ended up really tired at around 9pm most nights, unmotivated to work on anything

The Ugly:

– I honestly can’t think of anything to put here, which is good! 🙂

What’s happening right now?

The Good:

– Working on my plans over the next two weeks in Auckland, which include some crazier/scarier things (unnamed as of yet, I haven’t committed to them)

– Started lining up possible apartments to go view once I’m in Wellington

– Roommate situation is still going smoothly, although they were very sad to hear I was leaving 😦

– Still reading a lot of good books (just finished “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh– recommended read if you work in support!)

– Still getting outdoors as much as possible– I’m taking a tour tomorrow which is a hike through the west Auckland wilderness and onto black sand beaches.

– Setting aside a load of Stuff to take to the local op shop (secondhand or thrift store), started trying to find homes for my kitchen stuff as well

– Slowly reorganizing my to-do lists and ideas around a more concrete list of goals

– Been waking up better (without feeling massively groggy) and with less headaches. I sleep better too now, it’s probably because I’m working out more.

The Bad:

– Not doing that great at keeping in touch with people. My birthday helped, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by my personal inbox these days

– Overcoming inertia to start new projects and personal development-type of things is much harder than I anticipated, especially in the evenings when I’m already exhausted

– Still quite stressed over moving again

– Still eating out a fair amount, although I really do enjoy this.

The Ugly:

– Now that I’m on monthly paycheques, the period between the time I submit an invoice (end of the month) and actually get paid (usually two weeks or so) is proving very difficult to fund accurately. My budgeting was set up for bi-weekly income, and changing it has been much more difficult than I thought as well. It’s difficult to predict expenses 29 days in advance!

What’s going to happen in the next 30 days? (projected)

– Move to Wellington on April 18, last night in flat is probably the 16th (may spend 17th night with friends so we can all go to the airport together in the morning)

– Continue paring down possessions so that all my bags are within the JetStar weight restrictions AND get rid of a carryon bag

– Continue visiting the gym regularly (there are multiple Les Mills gyms in Wellington, that is one of the reasons I went with a national chain in the end over a local gym– easy to transfer), but try and go in the mornings instead of the evenings. Leave the evenings free for other things.

– Do some adventurous things before I leave Auckland 🙂

– Finish sorting out April finances once I get paid, leaving enough money for moving/setup expenses in Wellington for things like bonds and deposits.

– Overcome this annoying inertia which is blocking me from starting anything new!

– Once in Wellington, I want to start a 100 Days project (may or may not be public on Haven’t decided what to do yet.

– Finish Auckland scrapbook


The next two weeks are going to fly by, because I’m on a time limit in Auckland now (things always fly by when you’re on a timer!). There are definitely some things I’m gonna miss about Auckland, but from what everyone has been telling me, Wellington is even better (although windier too, apparently). It’s starting to head into fall here, weather-wise. I was actually rather chilly today in my capris! Might have to switch over to jeans soon… bah. As well, the clocks go back an hour tomorrow, since daylight savings is ending. I have to be at the bus terminal at 12:30pm, so I hope my phone’s time changes correctly at 3am! Unfortunately this also means I will now be 8 hours (!) behind my team in Ottawa (and a day ahead). So when I start at 10am, it will already be 6pm there :(. Tough to keep up the overlap when that’s the case. We’ll see. If I can make a gym habit of going in the morning before work, this may result in me also starting work earlier. For those of you that know me, you know that I’m not a morning person, so we’ll see what kinds of motivations I’m able to come up with to incentive the early mornings properly :P.

Talk to you all again soon!



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