Reflections on the first week

Hi everyone,

So I’ve officially been in NZ for a week and a day now, which actually, really, seems like a month to me. It’s been a really jam-packed week! Here’s a summary:

Last Tuesday – Arrived at 5:30am (if you can help it, try and get a flight which comes in a little later, most places won’t let you check in until 1pm) and went to BASE Auckland (the hostel).

Wednesday – Got my new SIM card and a travel adaptor, and generally just walked around.

Thursday – I legitimately have no recollection of what I did. Clearly it wasn’t that notable!

Friday – Saw the coworking space which is now the one I’m working from. Saw the apartment which I’m now living in. Went for supper at Brew (see my last post for info about that).

Saturday – Visited the Britomart Farmer’s Market (Britomart is the major transit hub in this area), got a transit card (very similar to a Presto Card), went shopping at St. Lukes which is a large mall in or around Mount Eden (20 min bus ride)

Sunday – Day trip out to Tiritiri Matangi, pictures to follow once I go through my camera. Got ready to move.

Monday – Finished getting my bank account set up, moved into new apartment, went out for supplies.

Tuesday (yesterday) – First day in the coworking space, met up with Kylea for supper (Tanuki’s Cave, which is a Japanese restaurant right opposite my coworking space) and for an interesting tour around the Viaduct area. I will be back there at some point in the near future!

Today! – Didn’t do anything too exciting ;).


So my new apartment. It’s really just a room, but it has its own bathroom (with shower), bar fridge, microwave, and massive closet. The other occupants of the flat are really quiet and I barely see or hear them. Sounds good, right? I discovered two nights ago, to my great annoyance, that the bedframe (which is one of those fold-up beds with metal frames) creaks whenever you move. Loudly! The first night, I kept waking myself up every time I moved, and I’m a pretty heavy sleeper. I remember constantly looking over at the microwave for the time, and realizing after a while that I was waking up every single hour. I figured things would get better the second night (last night), but nope, history repeated itself, and I woke up every hour. I literally feel like everyone within a 3-block radius can hear this thing creaking!

It’s not really the kind of place where I can ask for a better bedframe… I’m not even sure if there is such a thing as cheap non-metal bedframes here (back home, we’d just go to IKEA). So I’m seriously thinking of moving again, and soon. Two nights of interrupty sleep in a row is really not good for my productivity, let alone my energy. It’s only 9pm and I’m exhausted right now! Who knows, maybe I’ll get used to the bedframe, but that’s a dealbreaker for me right now. Happily I only need to give a week’s notice to be able to move out, but that means that I need to bear with the bedframe for the rest of this week and all (or most) of next week as well :/. We’ll see how that goes…

Other than that, the coworking space has been pretty awesome so far. It’s a great space to think and work. It’s also only 10 mins from this apartment (which is really nice right now), so hopefully if I move, I can find another place which is just as close. Auckland’s downtown (the main CBD) is very interesting– it’s a weird mix of really modern architecture and a lot of sketchy looking Asian take-out (or as they say here, take-away) joints which have really bad signage. The bad signage seems to be a common problem though– the place we went for dinner yesterday, Tanuki’s Cave, had a bad sign but the inside was really nice and the food was not bad either. The Viaduct, which is part of the harbourfront, is a super cool area– there are restaurants and pubs inside what looked like either small warehouses or large shipping containers, and there’s even a shipping container filled with books where you can go and sit and read in the sun for a couple of hours. The whole area had a really cool feel. I had a decent beer yesterday at an outdoors table at one of these pubs, but neglected to write down the names of either the beer or the pub. Whoops!

In other news, I’ve discovered that very much like the Brits, the Kiwis seem to really like their chocolate biscuits. There’s a whole section for them at the local supermarket (Countdown). I’m definitely eating way more chocolate biscuits than I probably should…

There’s not too much happening the rest of the week, except that I guess I’m going to be looking at apartment/room listings again. It’s been good to get back to work, as well. I don’t mind taking a holiday, but there’s always this weird sense of relief once I come back and start working again– maybe that makes me a bit of a workaholic? The time difference is going to take some getting used to, though, because by the time I log on in the morning, it’s already 3-4pm in Ottawa, and my teammates are most of the way through their day already. My lunch over here is actually 6pm in Ottawa (of the previous day). We’re still ironing out the details, but it’s been a little strange so far!

I realize this post has been a bit disorganized– when it’s not about a specific topic or a list of things, I’m probably going to ramble a bit :P. I’ll leave it here for now– hopefully my next post will be more of a photo post, once I clear out my Real Camera. Hope you guys back in Canada are doing well!



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